We would like to feature one of our latest additions to XXL Chrome Chasing-  our  online Magazine! Our magazine will consist of twelve issues a year, one at the first of each month, with twelve great articles in each magazine; aimed to bring you more succes on the water! If you are looking to learn new methods for fishing the Great Lakes and their tributaries, then our online magazine is the perfect fit for you! With the low price of only $9.99 for a YEAR subscribtion fee, you are guarenteed to get your moneys worth!

~ All you need to do is simply click the BUY NOW button below to get started!  Thanks for subscribing! It is much appreciated! We hope you enjoy it!!


-Kyle McClelland and Thane Herbert

Thane Herbert

-Pro-Staff at XXL Chrome Chasing

-Avid Angler

-Experienced Writer

Creig K.- "Kyle, I got your online magazine today and really like it. I have been reading salmon/trout articles in all types of magazines for over 30 years and I think yours is just awesome. It is hard to find info like that even with todays internet craze. I can't wait till Novembers issue."

Kyle McClelland

-Owner at XXL Chrome Chasing

-Avid Angler

-Experienced Writer

Our next issue will be sent out April 1st, 2014!!! Subscribe today! -Team XXLCC


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